The Troyan region is a popular tourist destination ( It is known for its wonderful nature, ceramics, woodworking, slivovica cognac, wonderful people. Here are websites of some tourist directions and attractions distance from Villa "Bojana" to them:

Tourist destinations

1. Undoubtedly, the biggest historical and cultural attractions of our region is Troyan monastery (, located just 5 km from us. It is the third largest monastery in Bulgaria, and it is the famous icon of virgin Mary three hands, a Museum with a stash of Vasil Levski (part of the 100 national tourist sites) (

2. 5 km away and the National exhibition of artistic crafts and arts. Oreshak ( This one of a kind all over Russia, dedicated folk artistic crafts and applied arts.

3. 7 km in the village of Cherni Osam Parodontit, Museum (,

which has a unique collection of over 700 species (of the 100 national tourist sites).

4. At 7 km, in the centre of the city. Trojan is a Museum of national artistic crafts and applied arts (

5. 18 km has. Gumoshnik ( with its famous Church and Church school as well as the graves of the dead from the ship "Titanic" of the villagers.

6.At 25 km). Apriltsi ( – a big tourist center and a starting point to a number of natural attractions, cottages and NP "Central Balkan".

7. About 40 km away. this is one of the most beautiful monasteries – Batoshevski (

8. Approximately 70 km from the famous natural phenomenon "Maarata" or, as it's more famous waterfalls Krushunski (

9. Next to them is and Devetashkata cave, a great natural phenomenon (

If you are a lover of active recreation, here are some tourist attractions:

1. Is 12 km away Haidushkata shell offers picnic, horse riding, riding in the jeep (

2. 2 km of motorway aeroclub SkyWalkers for flights from motodeltaplaner held in the town of Troyan, village of Oreshak and town of Apriltsi. They combine the flight with a tour of the relevant settlements and other tourist attractions – 0888 655764, 35750 0670; e-mail:

3. Tourist complex "Beklemeto" is 30 km ( . Lovers of winter sports can use the ski slopes, ski school, equipment and snowmobile rental. 0878 20 10 10 (

4. 30 km to the mineral pools.Manor ( and in the village of Shipkovo ( that offer excellent conditions for Spa treatment.

5.Atelier for demonstrating and teaching ceramics– 0888 27 93 19

6. Bikes – we have 4 numbers mountainbike

7. National Park "Central Balkan" is one of the most valuable and largest protected areas in Europe ( ability to walk and a number of tourist cottages and facilities (

If you want to combine your vacation with sleepless nights can try some of the famous local bars and discos: club Flamingo.The village (5 km), Art club gr.Trojan disco Choco gr.Trojan and also a large number of taverns, restaurants and cafes.

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