GPS coordinates of Villa ”Bojana” are: N 42° 53.505/ E 024° 42.819 at 394 m ASL V., and Google maps – N 42°8998/ E 24°7597

We are at the end of Troyan, in the village (Troyan monastery). You take the left turn to the farm "Mirovska" (50 m). before bedizened in dark cherry blossoms supermarket "Livedata"). It is against this emergency ukazatelya established name in the country. After 0.5 km you should rascon to the right, with ukazatelya plate "Villa Bojana". Walk another 0.5 km to the end asfaltowej times, following this inscription.

If you decide to become our guest find us in the following some possible ways to arrange the details:

GSM 0878 0888 or 955255 292360

Skype: mihovsky (Marina Mihovsky, Troyan, Bulgaria)


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